About Us

Hello There! 
We are Sarah and David, the founders of Volio's Confections! 
I (Sarah) have been obsessed with making candy for over seven years. Having worked in a variety of jobs and never being happy, David convinced me to follow my dreams and finally open a candy shop! 

After searching for months, we found our tiny little store in the middle of downtown Calgary and boy have we done a lot with less than 400 square feet! David and his amazing family helped with all of the construction to turn this old bank/pawn shop/printer store into a kitchen and candy store and I made all of the candies.

We officially opened our doors Dec 16, 2019. No one expected a global pandemic to hit immediately after opening but hey, what an interesting first year it has been! We now say "if we can survive this, we can survive anything!"
David has also officially joined us and is now a full time candy apprentice.


At Volio's Confections (named after my rescue frenchie, Benvolio) it is our goal to preserve the art of handmade candy while giving you the best and most flavourful candy we can possibly make. We pull all of our sugar on an old taffy hook and make all of our candies right in front of you, you can even come and watch it happen!

I grew up going to a small candy store in England that made all of their own sweets, some of my best memories come from that little shop. We would love for Volio's Confections to create memories for all ages for years to come! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you soon. 
Sarah & David