About Us



We are a small candy company founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2019. My name is Sarah, I am the founder of Volio's Confections and I have been a confectioner for many years and after a break from sugar I felt its siren song pulling me back. 

I have a passion for bringing hard candy and other confectionary into the future with new techniques and interesting and exciting flavours. I would love to meet you and have you try our candies! 

I hand make every single thing that we sell in our store and there is a constantly changing line of products because I love to experiment and make different things! If you love a product, make sure to stock up because you never know how long it is going to be around. You can also request flavours that you want and there is a good chance that I will make them!

I recently followed my dream and opened a little candy store in the middle of downtown Calgary. My amazing partner, David, and his cousin, Kyle, built the entire store and turned this little space from a broken down old bank basement to a real candy shop!